AV Wizard / Lego Addiction

by Humdrum Sun

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released December 2, 2017

Chris - guitars, bass, keys, vocals
Seth - drums


all rights reserved



Humdrum Sun Stillwater, Oklahoma

Oklahoman Indie Rock band with too many pants on

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Track Name: AV Wizard
before I ever recorded my voice
I wanted to make sure it was in tip-top shape
put on some tea, a kettle with a fiery potion
and I touched the microphone to my face

recorded five takes of the song
tried to really get my emotions through on that one
I'm looking for a media man I can understand
but all I got is something about a song in a song in a song

My words don't carry more weight than the rest
no arching columns of the poetic design
if you hear them, you won't be moved,
but don't worry I'm not either I've got no attitude

I'm no AV wizard x(2.5)

songs about love are love songs
songs about drugs are drug songs
songs about me are me songs
and dumb songs are dumb songs

somebody's going to think you're pretty interesting,
but don't you think it's a bit much to be loved
give me a yes with a little less enthusiasm
and that no's going to have to be a bit softer when he comes
you're expecting too much out of me
you're a you're, but the R and U are too close together
and the apostrophe looks wrong, damn it
it was a Y-O-U-R your,
what kind of person makes mistakes that don't last forever

I'm no AV wizard x (?)
Track Name: LEGO Addiction
when I got home/stoned last night
I felt a rush of new ideas like I do every time
none of the thoughts stuck around
they walked past me in a line before I could hear what they said,
but one stuck around and he told me
sure those boys didn't really give you a chance,
but it's better than thinking nothing when you're sober
that idea walked out my head

I confess
I had an addiction to building lego sets when I was a child
I need more
I was materialistic and selfish to the point of ingratitude towards my parents
I felt that I deserved more legos

I can't say that I feel the same as I did back then,
but the part of me that craved those blocks remains

I got some secrets I haven't told anybody but my high school orchestra teacher. I can feel my lips moving, but I can't feel yours when we're talking to each other about speakers and getting drunk tomorrow

I'm sorry man, I just can't focus today
I'm no good when it comes to thinking and speaking
so I'll leave you to your plans if you can
I'd like you to keep it down while I'm sleeping

Each day I see myself in the mirror
I can't help but feel the image is slightly further from God's
than yesterday
If I didn't see another mirror for the rest of my life
would I lose the memories of my own face
I see life through the smudges on my glasses
If I wipe them away I will see clearly for a while
but if they stay the people I see become blurred
their faces clouded by my unwillingness to clean

The visage of man was made in God's image
but God didn't have any scars
so man got hurt an made marks on his image
and God got up and walked to the bars

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